Life comes with ups and downs that do not necessarily require medical treatment. However, when a person notices changes in their behavior or feelings of distress that last for a long time, that might be a sign of mental issues.

If a person has suicidal thoughts or is at risk of hurting others, seek help immediately. Call your psychiatrist or call for emergency psychiatric services through a professional medical facility.

One essential difference is that a psychiatrist can prescribe medication and a psychologist cannot. However, the real difference is in their training and preparation. Both have specialized training in the practical application of psychological knowledge. In general, this training focuses on training in psychotherapy.

There are various ways to treat mental issues. One way is in the form of outpatient treatments, which involve seeing a doctor once a week for talking therapy. Patients who have suicidal thoughts or are exhibiting violent outburst are often hospitalized until their condition improves, while others are prescribed medication.

Sometimes! Our job is to work with you to understand past patterns and experiences. Sometimes these patterns and experiences are most important in their uniqueness to you and your experience. Sometimes, however, these patterns are familiar to clinicians from our training and from previous clients we have treated and then fall under the heading of a diagnosis. Some diagnoses are harder to treat and some easier but it is often the case that a diagnosis can be very helpful in explaining current difficulties and guiding efficient and effective treatment.

After confirming your appointment, a payment link will be sent to you via SMS or WhatsApp so that you could easily pay your session fees either by credit card or eWallet. Kindly note that session fees are to be paid in advance.

A psychiatrist is qualified to write prescriptions, and there is a vast range of medications that can be used to manage mental health issues. Most of these medications will not significantly alter the patient’s personality, but they can come with symptoms like a loss of appetite or drowsiness.

Dr. Sammy Clinic offers many types of therapies. It begins with a 60- or 90-minute evaluation to understand what type of therapy will likely be most effective for you. The type of therapy is one piece of the treatment. Dr. Sammy’s strong belief is that your connection to the therapist is equally important.

Dr. Sammy believes in a 60- or 90-minute evaluation focused on your history to help him evaluate and identify how to help you feel your best.

It is most productive when first-time patients come with the following:

  • Significant events in your life that have contributed to the issue(s) that brings you to Dr. Sammy.
  • What you want to achieve.
  • Feelings and/or behaviors around issue(s).

If you have taken psychiatric medication in the past please take some time to write down your medication history. This should include:

  • The medication and reason why you took/take it.
  • The dosage.
  • The effects.
  • Any side effects.
  • Length of time you took/take the medication.
  • If you stopped, why?

For an initial evaluation, Dr. Sammy recommends that the parent(s) attend a 90-minute evaluation session first, without their child or teen present. Then the child or teen will be seen for their own 60-minute initial evaluation on a different day. After these initial evaluations, sessions are usually attended by the child or teen alone.

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If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so 24 hours prior to the session in order not to be charged for any late cancellation fees. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the session time, 50% of the amount paid will be deducted. If you cancel 3 hours before the session or in case of a no-show, you will be charged the full amount of the session.

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