Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has taken a devastating toll on its youngest residents. Children bear the brunt of violence, displacement, and loss. Their lives are forever shaped by the trauma they experience. As a global community, we must come together to provide essential support and care for these vulnerable children.


For years, numerous studies have documented unusually high rates of mental and behavioral health issues among Gaza’s youth, who make up nearly half of the population in the territory. Most of them have never known a life without the threat of violence and conflict.


Before this latest escalation, more than 500,000 children in Gaza were identified as needing mental health and psychosocial support. However, the current situation has exacerbated their distress. Every child in Gaza has been exposed to deeply distressing events and trauma, marked by widespread destruction and displacement.

How violence affects the children of Gaza

Catastrophic Impact

The escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip has had a catastrophic impact on children and families. Thousands of children have been killed or injured, and around 1.7 million people (half of them children) have been internally displaced. These families lack access to basic necessities like water, food, fuel, and medicine. Their homes have been destroyed, and their lives torn apart.


Psychological Stress

Children in Gaza continue to suffer from psychological stress, fears, worry, and a lack of feeling security. They have experienced prolonged airstrikes during the conflict. Additionally, exposure to social media filled with images of destruction and victims has further traumatized them.


Unimaginable Mental Harm

After months of siege and relentless bombardment, children’s mental health in Gaza has been pushed beyond breaking point. They have endured unimaginable mental harm due to violence, serious physical injuries (including loss of body parts), and the loss of families, homes, and schools.

Our Collective Responsibility

Our collective responsibility toward the children of Gaza extends beyond mere empathy—it demands action, advocacy, and unwavering commitment since the cost of this violence to children and their communities will echo for generations. As compassionate individuals, organizations, and governments, we must act swiftly and decisively. Let us prioritize the well-being of Gaza’s children, ensuring they receive the care, education, and hope they deserve.


Raise Awareness

Spread the word about the plight of Gaza’s children. Share their stories, photos, and experiences through social media, articles, and conversations. The more people understand the situation, the greater the collective pressure for change.


Support Aid Organizations

Contribute to reputable organizations working on the ground in Gaza. Donations can fund emergency relief, medical supplies, and psychosocial programs.


Empower Local Initiatives

Amplify the voices of local activists, educators, and caregivers. They understand the nuances of their community and can drive change from within.

GEMS Initiative

The Gaza Emotional and Mental Support (GEMS) initiative is a beacon of hope for the children of Gaza. In the aftermath of recent catastrophic events, this collaborative effort by Egyptian mental healthcare providers aims to address the urgent mental health needs of young survivors.


Our vision is to create a resilient and empowered generation of children in Gaza. We envision a future where every child can heal from trauma, find hope, and thrive despite the immense challenges they face.


The GEMS initiative provides mental health and psychosocial support to children and their families who managed to flee to Cairo, in the form of group and individual initial assessment, counselling sessions and follow up reporting system to keep track of cases’ progress. Parents and caregivers are also equipped with resources to help guide their children through the crisis.


Join hands with GEMS. Together, we can heal hearts, restore hope, and build a brighter future for Gaza’s children.

Learn more about GEMS and how you can contribute here.